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Welcome to our whimsical and wonderful list of girls World Book Day costume ideas! This year is much unlike previous years and many kids won’t be at school to celebrate their love for reading. Nevertheless, the show must go on and lots of schools are still hosting online learning events and dressing up for class via the Internet this March!

Read on for our list of girls World Book Day costume ideas and prepare your little one for the big day! We have outfits based on characters old and new, from David Walliams books to Roald Dahl classics.


Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger Costume

Hermione from Harry Potter is known for being a know-it-all and goodie two shoes. She’s incredibly intelligent and helps Harry and Ron on their mission to defeat ‘he who must not be named!’

Dress your little girl in this Hermione Granger costume and cast some spells this World Book Day! She can team up with her friends as other characters from Harry Potter, such as Ron Weasley, Professor Snape, and Harry himself!


Mary PoppinsGirls Mary Poppins Costume

‘With a spoonful of sugar let the medicine go down!’ Mary Poppins is an all-time family movie favourite, where she transports the children into a world of wonder and excitement!

Why not dress up your little one as the one and only Mary this World Book Day? You can even go as far as adding other accessories to complete the look. Her infamous umbrella is a must! Mary Poppins is a girls World Book Day costume idea that’s popular every year since ‘Mary Poppins Returns’.


Roald Dahl Miss Trunchbull

Child Roald Dahl Miss Trunchbull Costume


Based on the book and film, Matilda, Miss Trunchbull is a terrifying teacher at the school who despises children! She makes Bruce Bogtrotter eat all that chocolate cake until he’s sick.

This Miss Trunchbull costume is great for those who love Matilda, but fancy dressing up as an big and bad character!


Alice in Wonderland

kids deluxe alice in wonderland costume

 Imagine being transported into a mystical world, where everything is 10 times smaller, talking to a Cheshire cat and playing a game of cards? Alice and Wonderland is an all time classic read that never gets old!

Dress your little girl as the cute, quaint, Alice in Wonderland. She can team up with her friends as The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, or the Queen of Hearts.



Child Goldilocks Costume

The tale of Goldilocks and The Three Bears is a traditional tale that has existed for centuries. She’s known for her long, golden locks pulled back into plaits with a red bow and her ability to evade sneaky bears. This is a really sweet costume for your little one to wear to school, this World Book Day.


Queen of Hearts

Child Queen of Hearts Costume

‘Off with their heads!’

From the story, ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ the Queen of Hearts is the ultimate ruler of the land, who has the power to give sentences to anyone that steps a foot out of line.

Dress your little princess up in this cool, yet evil girls World Book Day costume and have her bossing around all of her friends and family!


Princess Jasmine

Girls Jasmine Aladdin Movie Costume


One of Disney’s all-time classic tales is Aladdin. And Aladdin is lost without his princess of the land, Jasmine. Make your little one’s dreams come true as they glide through the air on a magic carpet. It sure beats getting the bus to school! Little girls love to dress up and feel like a princess, and they couldn’t pick a better Arabian Princess than Jasmine!  


Girls Gangsta Granny

Girls Gangsta Granny Costume


Gangsta Granny is the genius creation from David Walliams, and she now has a book, movie and even stage show! She’s no ordinary granny though… Dress your little girl up as this mischievous grandma, complete with a swag bag, pearl necklace, wig, glasses and eye mask.


Little Mermaid

Kids Little Mermaids Costume


Remember Arial with her long red hair and her best friend, Sebastian? The Little Mermaid and her ‘Under the Sea’ friends will have your children dancing all day long.

Ariel is great costume for your little girl to dress as for World Book Day. They can team up with their friend at school as the evil sea queen, Ursula!


Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa Costume

Disney’s Frozen returned with a second movie, which also meant that Elsa and Anna had a brand new look! Frozen is an all-round family favourite and a huge hit for your little princess! Why not dress your little one up as the Queen of Arendelle, this World Book Day? Go for the original Elsa look or a Frozen 2 dress.


Snow White

childrens snow white disney ballet costume

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ The tale of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is a favourite amongst our little ones.

This Snow White costume with cape is a brilliant girls World Book Day costume idea for those that like to sing and dance in nature and make friends with Seven Dwarves. It can be teamed up with Sleepy, one of the seven dwarfs or even the evil queen!


Sleeping Beauty


Child Wonderland Sleeping Beauty Costume


For a true fairy-tale princess make-over based on a Disney original animation, look no further than Sleeping Beauty! She’s lying asleep in a grand castle waiting for her prince charming. Will she be rescued by the handsome prince? Sleeping Beauty is a girls World Book Day costume idea that’s originally based on a book, but many kids recognise the princess from the Disney movie adaptation.



childrens wizard of oz dorothy costume

Remember those magical red glitter slippers that transported Dorothy into a land of wonders? With just one click of the shoes, she was in a different land. Dorothy is a firm favourite World Book Day costume for girls that want to look cute. A blue and white plaid dress and little basket with Toto the dog add the finishing touches to this memorable book character.

The Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow make excellent accompanying costumes for her friends at school.


Little Red Riding Hood

childrens little red riding hood costume

Little Red Ridding Hood wasn’t always so lucky, as she encountered the big bad wolf in the woods! Nevertheless, her smarts and cunning outwitted the wolf and she survived!

Re-create this suspenseful fairy-tale story by dressing your child up in Little Red’s cloak.


Harley Quinn

Child Harley Quinn Costume


Much unlike many of the other girls World Book Day ideas we’ve listed so far, Harley Quinn is a much more devious and darker villain from the Batman and Gotham City comic books. Kids and adults alike love her quirky character and wild dress sense.

She makes the perfect book character for girls that something fashionable, stand-out and edgy for World Book Day!


Now you’ve browsed our many girls World Book Day costume ideas, all that’s left to do is decide what character your little girl wants to become! Get costume-ready for the big day by browsing girls World Book Day costumes in our store area here.

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