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 Have you recently been asked to be the maid of honour, with the mammoth task of organising the best send-off as a single woman? Or maybe you’re one of the bride-to-be’s friends and are looking for a cracking costume; then look no further! It goes without saying that the crazier the costume, the better. There are simply no rules! Here at Joke, we have a vast selection of hen party costume ideas, ranging from policewomen and playboy bunnies, to naughty nurses and even inflatable toys. They’re destined to provide plenty of entertainment on your hen night. Read on to find out what our favourite costumes are in this ultimate hen party costume ideas guide! 😊


Naughty Nurse

The first outfit in our ultimate hen party costume ideas guide is going to set temperatures rising. Roll up your sleeve and let this nurse check your blood pressure, as we’re sure it’s going to be extremely high. Any problems you may have, you know where to go, as this naughty nurse knows best!

Nurse costume 

Cunning Convict

Do you fancy joining forces with Spain’s most wanted thieves, also known as the Money Heist gang? Then this is the costume for you! Everyone will be keeping their eye on you at the hen party, making sure that you’re not up no good. Be careful now, as you don’t want to be behind bars for the rest of your life! This is a cheap and easy hen party costume ideas for groups.

Prisoner convicts

You are what you eat

This one’s for those of you that want a shocking and embarrassing outfit for the bride-to-be. Have them re-enacting the wedding night shenanigans in this outrageous and rude hen party costume idea! It’ll take a brave bride to pull this one off.

You are what you eat costume


Once upon a nun

The next hen party costume idea on our list is a sultrier outfit that’s based on a traditional, religious nun. They’re extremely pure and worship god… Well, maybe not this one! This particular nun has escaped from the convent and has turned into something a little more rebellious. Unleash your wild and rebellious side as a group of Sister Act nuns.

womens sexy nun costume 

Slip n slide

Whilst it may not be a complete necessity, it can sure help make things a lot easier! With an array of different flavours, from strawberry to blueberry, to more adventurous tastes such as watermelon and caramel. Which flavour will you choose?

adult lube tube costume 

Left, right, left, right!

It’s time to board the army cadet bus, where you’ll be under an intense training regime. Slap on your war paint and your revealing playsuit and show the men how it’s really done! ‘Army girls’ is an ever so popular hen party outfit idea that’s seen on nights out across the country. It never gets old!

army girl costume 

Colour me in

This next costume is an absolute classic for hen parties, as the whole girl gang team can get together and create a burst of colour! Throw back to the good ol’ 90’s where Crayola gave us so much joy. Just make sure you let the bride-to-be have the first pick of the colours.

Crayon costumes


Hole in one

What’s more fun than a spot of golf… and not just any golf, but pub golf! Master your stance and get that drink as a ‘down in one’. You and your girls will give Tiger Woods a run for his money when you realise your true potential as the ultimate pub golfers!

pub golf fancy dress


Hop on, partner!

This next hen party costume idea isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s fun, daring and is guaranteed to have all eyes on you at the party! So, if you’re looking for something to make you or the bride stand out, then this costume is it. Hop on!

adult ride on penis inflatable costume


Innocent schoolgirl

If you’re stronger than yesterday and tired of feeling over-protected, then why not step back to a time where queen Britney ruled the world with her catchy, slightly cheesy songs. Style your hair in two cute plaits and practice the legendary school dance – you’ve got this!

school girl costume

It’s mee-a-Mario!

Do you remember the highly addictive Nintendo game played by the entire nation? You and your girls will travel through Mushroom Kingdom and save the princess from the evil Bowser. Just be prepared, as there’ll be other mystical creatures on your travels. Team up as female versions of Yoshi, Mario, Luigi and others.

female super mario costumes


The giant willy

The next idea on our list of the ultimate hen party costumes is possibly the most outrageous of them all. It’s incredibly daring and slightly out there, but it is a hen party after all! It’ll have everyone in the room staring at you and you’ll be the talk of the town in this number. Embarrass your pride or go all out and dress up the entire party as giant willies. Cheeky!

adult inflatable penis stag costume 

80’s disco divas

If the bride-to-be was born in the 70’s or 80’s what better way to relive her younger days and celebrate with flair than the colourful 1980’s? She can dress as classic 80’s bride Madonna, and the rest of the group can suit up in Lycra, spandex, colourful shell suits and other trademark fashion items from this glorious era. All you need now is a disco ball and some classic 80’s tunes!

80s brides


Pamela, eat your heart out!

As soon as we think of that red and yellow outfit, we instantly picture Pamela Anderson running across the beach. Whilst you may aspire to be like the 80’s beach babe, you can sure give it a good go! Practice that slow-mo walk from the beach into the sea and save someone’s life today! Suit up your entire girl group as Baywatch lifeguards! It’s a fun idea for those warmer months of the year, especially if you’re off on a hen party holiday.

ladies baywatch beach costume

Playboy bunny

We’re almost at the end of our ultimate hen party costume guide, but before we say ‘bon voyage’, we’re taking it to the playboy mansion, where there’s a whole lot of pink, bunnies, and short skirts. Do you think you have what it takes to become a true playboy bunny? This is an easy hen do outfit idea where you can choose a full blown costume, or simply add a bunny tail and ears to an already sexy costume.

sexy playboy student costume

Flying high

We’re taking a bit of a longer trip for our last costume, flying high in the sky. You’ll be on your feet most of the time, serving drinks and snacks to the passengers, running through safety drills... Work with the other cabin crew staff, aka your girls, and prepare for landing when instructed. This is another cool hen do costume idea for ladies that are jetting off abroad for the party.

adult red cabin crew costume

That concludes our list of the best hen party costume ideas! As you can see, dressing up for a hen do is all about choosing something sexy and/or fun with your bride squad. Suit up the bride-to-be in something a bit more daring, as you and the other girls pop on something nice and tame. If nothing caught your eye, then why not check out our full range of hen party costumes here? Let the party commence!

Hen & stag

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