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Welcome to our guide on the best men’s Halloween costume ideas for 2023! It’s a time where family and friends come together to compete for the best dressed, with the scariest, most gruesome, and in some cases, the most original costume for October 31st. And did we mention the night’s out? Halloween is often the best night of the year for hitting the bars and 2023 is bringing that back in full swing!

Choose a costume based on character such as Pennywise from the horrifying movie, ‘IT,’ or the slightly disgusting man who adores black and white pinstriped suits, Beetlejuice, and so many others!

Check out our best men’s Halloween costume ideas below for this year's Halloween inspiration. 😊


British Gangster

Are you a fan of the British TV series, Peaky Blinders? With fantastic acting, authentic Brummy accents and great costumes, we're taken back in time to the 1920s era, where caps, long coats and waistcoats were in fashion. It might seem like an odd costume choice for Halloween, but it doesn't always have to be scary. Team up with your partner or friend as a flapper girl and become the ultimate 20s duo!

mens 1920s british gangster costume

Clowning around

One character that never gets old each year for Halloween is the colourful, and slightly scary clown. They're top performers and love to act and clown around at the circus, but this Halloween clown isn't like an ordinary clown, he's much more scary and will give you nightmares for days on end. Clowns are featured in top Halloween movies such as IT and Clown and is always a great costume idea!

clown costumes

Joe Exotic, The Tiger king

If you’re looking to make a big and bold statement this Halloween, then it’s time to grab your bright zebra print shirt and blonde wig as the Tiger King. Based on the hit Netflix documentary about the owner of a big cat American zoo, you can transform yourself into Joe Exotic for the day. If you have a girlfriend or wife that also wants to get in on the fun, they can go as Carole Baskin! Some people that haven’t seen the series won’t recognise this one, but for those that have, it’s an epic idea!

Joe Exotic The Tiger King Costume 

The Headless Man

There's no-one that's quite as terrifying as the Headless Man. He roams about the dark and deserted streets on Halloween eve, searching for his next victim. He may not have a head, but he's still able to sense where you are. You can try to run, but you definitely can't hide from him. It's a unique costume idea for Halloween parties!


adult headless man costume



Is your mission to give every person nightmares for days on end? Then there’s no better character to dress as than the infamous, manipulative clown, Pennywise. From one of the best Halloween movies ever made, Pennywise is the character from IT who manipulates his victims for fun, to lure them closer to him.  Clowns are pretty scary, but they’re nothing on Pennywise. So why not take it up a notch and give your friends the fright of their lives this Halloween? Base your creepy clown look on the latest IT movie or the 1990 original.

Classic Pennywise Costume

Rockstar king

Have you ever fancied becoming the true king of the stage? It’s time to ditch your mundane 9-5 for a lifestyle of booze, crowns and lots of fans (oh, and the red cape). Halloween costumes don’t always need to be so scary. You can team up with your pals as other rock n roll legends, or just run the show solo as the one and only, Queen! Freddie Mercury is a legend that lives on and it’s time to bring him back on October 31st.

Mens Rockstar King Costume 

Baseball star

It’s time to brush up on your ball skills as you transform into the legend that is, Sir Elton John (but not in his finery). You’ll look like you’re off for a game of baseball but try not to hit anyone in the face! The outfit is based on his ‘Dodgers’ iconic look, as featured in the Rocketman film. Everyone loves Elton John ‘out there’ style and this is a men’s Halloween costume idea that’ll go down a treat on the dance floor.

Baseball Star Costume

Pet investigator

Not all mysteries go solved and a lot of them take a long time, but not this time around! Whilst he’s a little far off the typical police investigator, he’s here to help solve some animal mysteries, once and for all! Oh yes, we’re talking about the koo-kie pet investigator, Ace Ventura from the infamous Jim Carey movie. If you really want to push the boat out for Halloween, you could even set up a mystery-themed game for your friends and family! Practice your best acting skills, as Jim Carrey is a comedy genius!

Pet Investigator Costume 

The Grim Reaper

When we think of characters that personify Halloween perfectly, we think of the likes of Edward Scissorhands, Gomez Addams and Frankenstein, but none of these characters have the scare factor like the Grim Reaper. Known for his signature long and black cloak and pointy hood, he lurks in the shadows waiting to feed on the next soul. Who doesn't love a bit of death and gore for spooky season? 

adult dark grim reaper costume

Clowning around

This clown wasn't made for the circus, that's for certain! A cross between a circus clown and a creepy clown is what awaits you this Halloween. See how long you can stand upside down at the party. Inflatable costume make a unique costume idea for Halloween, so why not show off your acrobatic skills and clown it out this October!

adult upside down clown halloween costume

Orange prisoner

Is orange really the new black? We certainly think so! The popular Netflix series hit our screens back in 2013 and even to this day is a hit costume for Halloween. Make others wonder your reasons for having a charge against you, as you escape the grotty prison cell on October 31st. Get ready to make a come back and seek revenge on the person that sent you to prison! Prisoner costumes are quick and easy, plus they make a great idea if you’re dressing up with mates.

Adult Orange Prisoner Costume

Top Gun

The new Top Gun movie was released this year, with the pilot legend returning to our screens with a big bang! Has your life-long dream to become a pilot never been brought to surface, due to the gruelling years of training? Then fear not, as you can transform into a pilot from the classic film, Top Gun, just for one night only! Gather your mates as you team up to fly high in the skies as Goose, Maverick and Iceman this Halloween. 

adult fighter pilot unisex costume

Cousin Itt

What better way than to celebrate Halloween than dressing as a character from the Addams Family? They’re a dysfunctional family and love nothing more than scaring others away (and the occasional neck bite). We cannot forget about the furry creature that’s part of the family, Cousin Itt. He’s slightly wacky and loves his hat and glasses! He’s also a man of few words. It’s a men’s Halloween costume idea that’ll give others a good laugh whilst keeping you warm at the same time. October nights out can get pretty chilly!

Adult Cousin Itt Costume

Jason Voorhees

Not many Halloween horror movie characters reached the same level as mass murderer, Jason Voorhees from the scary movie, Friday 13th. Ever since the death of his mother, he seeks revenge on those that dare to pass through Crystal Lake, where she died. There’s nothing quite so scary as a man with a hockey mask for a disguise (not to mention the massive axe he carries around with him). If you want to double up on the scare factor for Halloween, you can go as a couple, Mr and Mrs Voorhees.

Adult Jason Voorhees Halloween Costume 


‘Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice’. We all know what happens when you say those three words. Known for his vulgar habits and dire eating habits, Beetlejuice is one of the most well-known films ever produced, and so fitting for October 31st. He makes a great character to transform into for Halloween, so get ready to haunt away the residents along with the help of Beetlejuice. It’s a men’s Halloween costume idea that everyone will recognise.

adult black and white halloween suit


Stay Puft

There's not a more fitting costume than a ghost costume for Halloween. Ghosts are classic characters to dress up as, year on year and will guarantee to scare friends, family and other partygoers. From the hit movie, Ghostbusters, Stay Puft is known as the 'marshmellow man' who sometimes appears as a giant and monster. Stomp down the streets and look down on everyone from up above this Halloween. The question is, will you become a good or bad guy? 

adult ghostbusters inflatable costume

Let the Squid Games, commence!

You'll be taking on a key role at the Squid Games; ensuring the players are on their best behaviour, and most importantly, keeping the Front Man content and happy at all costs. Work your way up the ranks from Circle, to Triangle, to the leader and top boss, the Square. Disguard the bodies and be as discreet as possible, before anyone finds out! 

adult squid game deluxe guard costume


The Evil Jester

Clowns can be pretty evil and scary, and they’re not be mistaken for jesters. Jester’s aren’t typical clowns that you’ll encounter at the circus, but rather in your worst fears and nightmares. They love to jest and fool around, doing anything to trick you. If you consider yourself as being a bit of a ‘joker’ and enjoy a bit of tomfoolery this Halloween, then why not become an evil jester? You’ll give the clowns a run for their money with this devious ensemble.

Adults Red/ Black Evil Jester Costume

Day of the Dead Senor Bones

Recognised as one of the most celebrated days of the year, Day of the Dead, otherwise known as día de los Muertos, celebrates those who have passed away. It’s world-famous for its unique style, where Mexican locals dress up, wearing colourful floral clothing and painting their faces to resemble a ‘sugar skull-like’ figure. Whether you’re Mexican or not, Day of the Dead is hugely popular for Halloween. Paint your face, don this great costume and parade into the party. Note: the make-up is very important so be sure to recruit a talented artist friend!

Senor Bones Costume 

Bloody Vampire

The last men’s Halloween costume on our list is the blood sucking, sharp toothed vampire! It simply wouldn’t be complete without one of Halloween’s most common characters. Vampires rely on blood to keep them young and alive, and their vampire fangs dig in deep into their prey. Not all vampire costumes are created equally, however. If you want to go all out and look the part, this high-quality outfit is the way to go. Let’s just hope no-one has brought any garlic to the party!

Adult Halloween Red Vampire Costume


So, there you have it, our list of the best men’s Halloween costumes of 2023! We hope you managed to find some Halloween costume inspiration and are ready for the party. If you want more ideas and are still undecided, you can check out our full range of men’s Halloween costumes here.

For more Halloween costume ideas, including women’s, group, children and more, browse our Halloween blog. We have no shortage of inspiration for the biggest dressing up occasion of the year!

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