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World Book Day is just around the corner! Let your son or daughter become their all-time favourite book character this World Book Day with our brilliant kid's World Book Day costumes.



Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins? The magical nanny who brings fun to boring chores, transports you to fantastic worlds of imagination, practically perfect in every way. If your child loves to sing and dance or has a thing for umbrellas, then Mary Poppins will have them feeling  "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" this World Book Day. Get them to blow into school by the East wind!

Mary Poppins costumes


Does your little man have a sweet tooth? For World Book Day, get him suited and booted like the world’s greatest chocolatier from Roald Dahl’s 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Your son will look like a quirky little entrepreneur in a Willy Wonka suit and top hat, and he’ll be ecstatic to know all the candy-making secrets. Make story time more fun with some yummy sweet treats to share with all his friends.

Willy Wonka costumes


Since 1865, Alice has been pulling children down the rabbit hole and into a very very peculiar land. As the little heroine from Lewis Carroll’s fantasy novel Alice in Wonderland - the most classic of children’s literature -  your girl would be thrilled to be a VIP guest at Mad Hatter’s tea parties. Set her free in Alice’s wonderful dress so she can be as curious as can be. She can tell her friends all about the unimaginable things she's seen in the realm of Wonderland.

Alice in wonderland costumes


If your kid is a little mischievous, then this disobedient little bunny is a kid's World Book Day costume idea that's the perfect match. The Tale of Peter Rabbit written by Beatrix Potter in 1902 will have your little one up to mischief - from eating Mr McGregor’s garden lettuce to escaping from being put in a pie!  But, he’ll most certainly learn a valuable lesson; always listen to mummy! Get him hoping to school in a Peter Rabbit costume and don’t forget to dose him with chamomile tea before bedtime.

Peter Rabbit costumes


Think your daughter can defeat the Wicked Witch of the West? Dorothy is the courageous and compassionate heroine from L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, first published in 1900. She’ll enjoy meeting the munchkins and the other bizarre characters, and won’t be able to stop clicking her heels. Send her along the Yellow Brick Road to school where she can meet up with her friends Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion.

Childrens wizard of oz Dorothy costume


Another popular character from Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter is the crazy man with the oversized top hat who loves to throw tea parties. If your child is loud, eccentric, and a little insane, then perhaps this is the perfect resident to be from the Wonderland world. He’ll be impossible to miss in a quirky Mad Hatter outfit, and he might be a little late finishing school, as he’ll be wondering about the passage of time. Bring out his wild side as the novel’s most craziest character.

Childrens little mad hatter costume



World Book Day just wouldn’t be the same without Winnie The Pooh. He is the honey-loving teddy bear from A. A Milne’s novel with the same name and has captured the hearts of all. He’s innocent, childlike, and with limited intelligence, just like your little one, and that's why Pooh couldn't be a better fit. Inspired by the stuffed toys of the author’s son, let your toddler become Christopher Robin’s most-loved toy this World Book Day. Don’t forget to prepare some honey on toast for breakfast too to get them ready for the day.

Baby winnie the pooh tigger costume


Everyone knows of this little mouth-watering biscuit that jumped out the old woman’s oven. The Gingerbread Man is a famous folktale with this adored character first appearing in a children’s magazine in 1875. Your child will look so cute and scrumptious as The Gingerbread Man, everyone will want to eat them. But be sure to warn them to be extra careful around any Fantastic Mr Foxes at school. Turn your child into this tasty treat so they can practice running as fast as they can!



The time has come for your little one to head to the best school of witchcraft and wizardry and learn all they can with their favourite teachers, without blowing anything (or anyone) up! It takes a powerful witch or wizard to go above and beyond what’s taught in the classroom, in the hope to defeat the Dark Lord. If your little one is Harry Potter’s number one fan and wants to look the part for World Book Day, then they’ll love one of our Harry Potter or Hermione costumes.

harry potter costume


The two famous heroes that we all love and grew up with can never be parted. Gotham City is under threat, especially if The Joker is making an appearance. Your child won’t have an easy task of saving Gotham City, but if he teams up with his best friend, Robin they might have a better shot! Watch as your son and his friend become the heroes that Gotham deserve this March. It’s a kid’s World Book Day costume idea that’s popular every single year. Comics are books too!

batman and robin costumes 


The next World Book Day costume idea for kids is one for your little girl. The Descendants movies took our screens by storm back in 2015 and have since become a huge hit amongst younger girls. Mal, Evie, Audrey and Uma are transferred to another island to be away from their wicked and evil mothers. The question is, will they finally be free from all evil, or will they revert to their wicked ways? If your girl can’t get enough of Disney’s Descendants and neither can her 3 best friends, they’ll make the best group of 4 this World Book Day.

descendant costumes


We’re throwing it back to the 90s with a popular TV programme that provided kids with so much happiness every single morning before school. It’s a programme about four best friends that love to dance, sing and eat lots of tubby toast. The Teletubbies always got up to so many new adventures, along with their cleaner, Noo-Noo. Why not treat your little one to a Teletubby costume this World Book Day and watch as they march into school as this 90’s classic?

teletubbies costumes


If your child’s a fan of the 90s TV series, The Teletubbies then they’ll also love another highly popular series amongst young children, In The Night Garden. Watch as your child transforms into the characters from this fun and unique series. They’ll soon embark on their own little adventures as the stars of the show; Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle. They make an excellent World Book Day costume idea that your kids will love and adore!

in the night garden costumes


The next costume on our list of kid’s World Book Day costume ideas is a notorious character from Disney’s hit movie, 101 Dalmatians. From the original 90’s animated film to the more modern live-action re-make, Cruella, this Disney villain is always up to her old tricks. Your girl will do all she can to catch the dalmatians, along with the help of her accomplices, Jasper and Horace.

cruella de vil costumes


The next costume is for all the strong and heroic girls out there who like to give the boys a run for their money. We all know Superman for his strength, power and speed, but what about Supergirl? She’s Superman’s biological cousin who’s forced to unveil her superpowers and protect the people of the world from a new villain. If your little girl is a little fighter and wants to do something good in the world, then she’d make a great fit as the next Supergirl!

supergirl costume


One author who will never grow old is the legendary, Roald Dahl. He wrote so many fantastic novels that we all know and love, from The Big Friendly Giant and James and The Giant Peach, to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda. Even though these books were highly popular amongst kids in the 90s, they’re adored to this very day. World Book Day is the perfect excuse for your child to dress up as their favourite character from one of Dahl’s classic stories.

roald dahl costumes


We all know the tale of the little girl in the red cloak who went into the woods one day to visit her sick grandmother. But little did she know, she’d encounter a terrifying creature along the way…

Every knows the story of Little Red and can instantly spot her unique look from a mile away. If your little girl is up for an adventure and isn’t scared of the Big Bad Wolf, then she can become the cute fairy-tale character this World Book Day! It’s a children’s World Book Day costume idea that never gets old.

little red riding hood costumes


The next idea is a top choice for those who love to read books with a lot of humour, laughs and quirky characters. David Walliams is the king of comedy. He simply loves to add a fun and unique spin on his work. Your child will love becoming a slightly mischievous character this World Book Day as one of the personalities from his novels. The Awful Auntie, Billionaire Boy, Gangsta Granny, The Boy in the Yellow Dress, amongst many others, can be seen in schools up and down the country every March.

david walliams costumes


Spot him if you can! Where’s Wally is known for his red and white striped top. He’s also known as a master of hide and seek! Everyone’s forever trying to find him, spending hours upon hours staring at the same page without much luck. This fun (and annoying at times) character will also bring back fun memories for adults! Dress your little one as Wally or Wenda and they’ll have a blast hiding from their friends in the classroom.

wheres wally costume


Peter Pan is a story about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up, and the story is rather true for parents, not wanting their little babies to grow up either! If your child wants to become the main man of the show as Peter Pan, or even as the cheeky little fairy, Tinkerbell, there’s no better occasion than World Book Day! “Up, up and away to Neverland!”

tinkerbell costume 


It’s time to follow the yellow brick road and head out to the world of Oz to seek a new adventure. The Wizard of Oz is a legendary movie that was released back in the late 1930s. It follows the story of Dorothy and her newfound friends in the land of Oz, as they seek out the mighty wizard and avoid the Wicked Witch of the West. Even though the film is many years older than your little one, it doesn’t mean they won’t be able to appreciate the memorable story and characters. Who will they choose to dress as?

wizard of oz costumes



The next costume idea on our list of classic World Book Day costume ideas for Kids is one for all of the little girls out there. Every girl’s dream is to become a princess one day, but if that’s not possible, then at least to feel like one. From Cinderella and Snow White, to Sleeping Beauty and Princess Anna and Elsa, no matter which Disney princess she chooses to dress up as, she’ll be a true beauty this World Book Day.

disney princess costumes



One of the most popular Disney movies is without a doubt Frozen. It tells the story of Princess Anna and Elsa and how their relationship as sisters develops during the most difficult and challenging of times. Why not dress your child as Anna or Elsa? Every little girl always has one favourite. And we can’t forget about Anna’s best friend, Olaf! Your child will completely ‘let it go’ this World Book Day if they dress up as one of these Disney favourites.

frozen costumes 


One of the most recognised superheroes of all time is the legendary, Superman. He’s known for his 6-pack, large biceps and of course, his super speed and strength. He’s basically unstoppable, and no-one’s capable of keeping up with him, unless they have some Kryptonite up their sleeves. If your child is a huge DC Comics fan and can’t get enough of the latest action film featuring Henry Cavill, then this kid’s World Book Day costume idea is for him.

kids dawn of justice superman costume


‘Arggggg me hearties.’ It’s time to board the ship and set sail, in the hope to find the precious treasure chest! Who’ll be scrubbing the decks at school this World Book Day? ‘Pirates’ is a popular theme due to the sheer number of different pirate adventure books there are. They’re a top outfit choice every year and every pirate has a different look. Will your little one choose to be a highly decorated pirate captain or a deck scrubbing shipmate?

pirate costumes 


This children’s World Book Day costume idea is one for the heroic and brave kids out there. It’ll take a lot of will power and strength to stand out from the crowd, and do what’s right for the people. Watch as your child commits a crime for the good, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor as the noble fairy-tale character, Robin Hood.

robin hood costumes 


Is your little girl a lover of porridge in the mornings? Does she like to add lots of sweet toppings? If this sounds like her, and she often likes a second or third helping of porridge, then she’ll play a great Goldilocks! She’ll encounter the three bears on her adventures, but she best not steal their porridge and make them angry.

goldilocks costume


The final costume on our list of kid’s World Book Day fancy dress ideas is one for the little tinkers out there who like to tease their brothers and sisters and cause mayhem wherever they go. Horrid Henry is a popular kids tv show all about the naughty things that Henry gets up to with his partner in crime, Ralph. If your child’s looking for an occasion to become this troublesome child, then he best get ready for World Book Day!

horrid henry costume

We’ve come to the end of our blog post! We hope we inspired you with some excellent kid’s World Book Day ideas for this coming March and you now have an idea on what to get for your little book worms. If you weren’t able to find anything, be sure to check out the rest of our children’s World Book Day costumes here

Happy reading!

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