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For all the book lovers out there, there are so many fantastic book characters and stories for your little cherubs to re-create. To help you find the best costume, we’ve come up with a list of 15 boys World Book Day costume ideas. Check them all out below!

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Harry Potter Quidditch Robe

Child Harry Potter Quidditch Robe


Harry Potter is known all over the world and a big part of it is the infamous game of Quidditch! Catching the golden snitch will win the game for your team! Wear this Quidditch costume and defeat Slytherin house, this World Book Day.


Roald Dahl Willy Wonka Costume

boys charlie bucket costume

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to have their own chocolate factory? Unlimited Wonka bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Willy Wonka is a whimsical, yet genius character from the Roald Dahl books. It’s a fabulous boys World Book Day costume idea every year! Choose from the modern Willy Wonka look portrayed by Johnny Depp or the classic 1970's movie appearance.


Where’s Wally Costume

Boys Where's Wally Costume

Wally isn’t always so easy to find and you might need some help from your friends! Dress your little boy up as the red and white striped man this World Book Day and try to help find other Wally’s out there!


Roald Dahl BFG Costume

Child Roald Dahl BFG Costume


Even though he’s big and scary, The BFG by Roald Dahl couldn’t be more different; he’s a kind and friendly giant. You might need to stand on some boxes though, so you’re as tall as him! This is the perfect way to dress up your little boy as the Big Friendly Giant from the Roald Dahl book.


Olaf Costume

Kids Olaf Top Costume


Every Disney character has a trusty companion. Olaf is a cute snowman who is always there to help Anna and Elsa when they need it. Make sure to stay out of the sun, as you’ll melt away!


The Joker Costume

Kids The Joker Costume


The Joker costume is a cooler boys World Book Day costume idea that many, especially if your little one likes to ‘joke around.’ You can go the extra mile and help paint his face like The Joker, too! Watch out Batman! Muahahaha.


Batman Dark Knight Muscle Costume

childrens batman the dark knight rises

Na na na na na na na na na na na Batman! Possibly one of the most well-known fictional superheroes out there – all boys want to be him! We’ve also heard of Batman’s best friend, Robin. Your little boy can team up with his friend as The Batman and Robin Duo this World Book Day!


Disney Peter Pan Costume

Boys Disney Peter Pan Costume


Peter Pan is a well-known Disney movie for many! It’s a great boys World Book Day costume idea if your child wants to match with friends. Pair them up with Captain Hook and Tinkerbell too! This is a group idea that everyone will recognise.


Aladdin Movie Costume

Boys Aladdin Movie Costume

This Disney fairy tale movie about Aladdin and his magic carpet (and the monkey) brings back memories to us all! After all, wouldn’t all children like to be a real hero? Your little one can match with their friends as the Genie, or Princess Jasmine this World Book Day! Aladdin is especially popular due to the recent release and huge success of the live-action Aladdin movie. It’s right on trend!


James and The Giant Peach Costume

Child James and The Giant Peach Costume

Based on the Roald Dahl book, James and The Giant Peach is about a boy who enters a magical peach. The adventures he embarks on changes his life! Why not dress your little one as James and The Giant Peach for him to go on his own, little adventure? It’s a boys World Book Day outfit idea that not many of children will think of!


Horrid Henry Costume

Childrens Horrid Henry Costume

‘Don’t be so Horrid, Henry!’ Henry always likes to get up to mischief and strives to be bad, all the time (not like his little silly, nappy baby brother, Peter). Give your child a make-over as this horrid little boy this World Book Day!


Kids 101 Dalmatian Costume

kids dalmation puppy fleece jumpsuit costume

Is your child brave enough to escape from the evil and wicked woman that is Cruella De Vil? They'll transform into the cutest dalmatian that anyone ever did see this World Book Day. Watch them as they lead the rest of the group to safety away from the wicked lady and her helpers, Jasper and Horace.


Star Wars Jedi Robe Costume

Kids Star Wars Jedi Robe Costume

Everyone has heard of the Star Wars movies, but not many people know that books are available too! Embark on an epic journey across the galaxy and dress your child up as the strongest league of characters in the universe – the Jedi. The great thing about this costume is that you only need a robe and Lightsaber to look cool!


Paddington Bear Costume

Kids Paddington Bear Costume


Paddington Bear is a fun loving and adorable bear that has stories dating back to the 1950’s! Now your little one can rock up to school (or their online learning class) wearing an authentic Paddington Bear Costume. Give them a tasty marmalade sandwich and some wellington boots this World Book Day!


Gingerbread Man Costume

Kids Gingerbread Man Costume


The Gingerbread man’s story is one of the most simple and brilliant book characters to dress up your little boy as. Dress up your little one in this cute and cosy gingerbread man costume this World Book Day!


Thanks for reading our list of boys World Book Day ideas! Whatever they decide to dress as this year, they’ll have fun celebrating this once-a-year date! For inspiration on girls World Book Day costumes, read our blog post, or find ideas for teachers here.

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