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Hello, and welcome to our ultimate girls Halloween costumes ideas guide! With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for you to treat your little pumpkins to some of the best girls Halloween costumes! Girls being girls, they’re likely to want to look as cute as possible, whilst still having the scary Halloween factor. From the mischievous Harley Quinn to wicked witches trying to figure out their next potion, we have a variety of creative Halloween costume ideas that your little girl will love (and won’t want to take off). Check out our full list of girls Halloween costume ideas below for some inspiration!


Harley Quinn

We’re starting off our list with one of our most popular costumes of recent times. Straight from Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum and friends with the one and only Joker, Harley Quinn likes to cause havoc wherever she goes. Slightly mad, and even more mischievous – there’s no wonder she’s a popular character for girls to dress up as, especially for Halloween. Your girl will be ready for action, but let’s just hope she doesn’t get into too much trouble!

Kids Harley Quinn Costume 

Cruella de Vil

With the release of the new Disney live action movie, another popular girls Halloween costume is the evil, cunning and slightly misunderstood, Cruella de Vil. This costume is based on Disney’s classic animation, and a new and modern take on story that was released this year. It may be hard to see your girl turn evil for Halloween, but after all, isn’t it better that she’s not so evil in real life? It’s the perfect costume for girls that are a fan of this devious character.

kids villains cruella de vil classic costume


Everyone loves watching a good superhero movie from time to time, and what better way to spend Halloween than watching your favourite character, Catwoman. She's not good, or bad, she's sometimes well behaved, and other times, a bit of a menace. A foe and ally of Batman, she's fierce, powerful and sassy at the same time. Steal the show this Halloween and don't forget to keep your friends close, but enemies closer!

kids catwoman costume


Fairy Bat 

 Let's face it, all girls love to look pretty and girly for Halloween, whilst still having the scare factor. Bat meets fairy this October, as your girl transforms into a unique character just in time for spook night. They'll be flying the dark skies, whilst sprinkling black dust down below. It's such a unique costume idea, and guaranteed your girl will be the most unique dressed in the room!

girls dark bat fairy halloween costume

Gothic Vampiress

One of the Halloween classics that will never get old is ‘vampires’. They may not look as scary as other Halloween horrors, but your girl will still get the chance to frighten away, or even bite into their enemies. Vampires love the dark, blood and humans, and not to mention popular TV shows and movies. Vampire Diaries and Twilight gave a new insight into the world of blood sucking creatures of the night. If your little one still wants to look girly at the same time, you can help her with her makeup and lend her your handbag and shoes.

Gothic Vampires - Girls Halloween costume ideas

IT Pennywise the clown

Does your child always get away with everything she does? If so, then it sounds like she’d play the part of a certain clown just perfectly. IT, also known as Pennywise is a hit Stephen King inspired movie that appeared on our screens in the 90’s, but also in 2017. Pennywise the clown has the ability to manipulate reality and go unnoticed by adults…sorry mum and dad! Your little one may or may not have seen the film, as it’s pretty terrifying! Nevertheless, everyone is scared of clowns and this will give her a terrifying appearance that everyone will love!

Girls IT Pennywise Costume

The Shining Twin

Carrying on with the theme of spine-tingling characters from horror movies, we can’t leave out the twins from the movie, The Shining. Based on Stephen King’s novel, The Twins were murdered by their hotel-caretaker father. It’s a thrilling, yet nail-biting horror movie. Your girl may be too young to watch it, but they can still dress up as the spooky twin from the movie. Better yet, they can team up with their friend and haunt the other kids this Halloween. This is a girls Halloween costume idea that’s perfect for sisters.

Girls The Shining Twin Costume

Alien Girl

Not all Halloween characters need to be from this planet… They can come from far, far away, into the land of the unknown. If your girl is as curious as ever and wants to dress up as something different this Halloween, then this space-hopping alien is the option for her. And besides, it’s quite the girly costume that she’ll love. Go above and beyond for your girl this Halloween and let her prove to everyone that there’s life above the stars.

Kids Alien Girl Costume

Wicked Witches

It’s time to grab all the necessary ingredients to conjure up the most potent and evil potion that’s ever been created! Witches are possibly the most popular characters to dress as for Halloween. You can opt for an evil witch, a friendly witch, a cute witch and even one with a sprinkle of all three. They rely on others to make them stronger, so your child could get their friends involved and they can take on the world together (with their broom and cat!). A list of girls Halloween costume ideas would not be complete without this classic character!

3 witches


Chucky Doll

Dolls are meant to be pretty, cute and well, obedient. Unfortunately, not all dolls are as good as gold and can turn evil when in the wrong hands. From the oh so scary movie, Child’s Play, Chucky plays the part of a possessed doll who turns into a serial killer. Don’t worry, your girl won’t look half as scary as the real thing! She can even double up with her friend. Just be careful if your child wants to play with you…

Girls Chucky Doll Dress Costume

Grim Reaper

The next costume on our list is a scary one, and is only suitable for girls who aren't afraid of the dark! The Grim Reaper is known for his dark, twisted and terrifying ways. With his signature black coat, white face and scythe, he's out to seek revenge on Halloween night. Your girl might not look as scary, but she'll definitely look the part, transforming into one of the most notorious characters on the Halloween scene! 

girls grim reaper halloween costume

Day of The Dead

Halloween is more than just dressing up in scary costumes, it’s also a time to celebrate Día de los Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead. It’s a Mexican celebration that commemorates those who have passed away, where locals wear colourful, floral clothing and paint their faces in unique sugar-skull make-up. Let your girl dress up and get her friends involved too. This is a girls Halloween fancy dress that’s becoming more popular each year.

girls Day of the Dead costumes


Sleepy Zombies

Let’s face it, no child likes to be woken up early in the morning, especially for school. Your child can transform into a real-life zombie this Halloween and scare away anybody who dares to wake them up in the morning. Whether they’re heading out to their school prom party, or turning up for P.E, they’ll look super chic at the same time in these costumes! Girls zombie costumes are in plentiful supply and are based on different professions and characters.

zombie girls


Pretty Pirates

Ever since the film, Pirates of The Caribbean appeared on our screens, pirate fancy dress has never been so popular. Grab your scrubbing brush and get on your knees and scrub the decks so they’re sparkly clean…otherwise you might have to walk the plank! Your girl will love dressing up as the chief of the seas – no one will ever want to get on the wrong side of her!

Kids pirates

Pumpkin Pals

Another classic girl’s costume for Halloween is without a doubt, the pumpkin. Traditionally, people carve pumpkins a few days before Halloween, or even the day of so they can leave them in front of their homes ready for trick or treater’s.  Pumpkins can be as scary as you like – but you’ll need to be careful when you carve out their teeth, as they may end up looking a little crooked! If your girl is looking for something slightly less spooky, yet traditional for Halloween, then this is the costume for her.

Kids Pumpkin Halloween Costume

Queen of Hearts

We’re heading back to the dark side and entering the land of evil, with a lot of playing cards losing their heads! From the Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts is a cruel queen who sure loves a good game of croquet; and above all, loves to torture those who misbehave and disobey her. If your girl fancies becoming a bit of a rebel for Halloween, then they’ll love to dress as the red heart queen. Alice in Wonderland isn’t all ‘fairytale’ when this young lady is around.

Kids Queen of Hearts Costume

Bone-shaking Skeleton

Yet another popular costume for Halloween year on year is the skeleton. They’re boney, they’re a little bit creepy and they know how to spook others out on Halloween. Of course, we’re not talking about the eerie kind of skeleton you’d find in an Indiana Jones film, we’re talking about the girly, glamorous and oh so chic skeletons. Your girl will feel fibula-ous dressed as either a gothic skeleton or a ballerina. Who said skeletons have to be the same old style?

girls skeleton tutu costumes


Hermione Granger

It’s time to put on the TV and dig out your old Harry Potter films this Halloween! Not only are they great for kids, but they make perfect costumes for the whole family to dress as for Halloween. If your little girl loves going to school, then she’ll love dressing as little miss know-it-all, Hermione Granger. She helps Harry on his mission to defeat the dark lord, whilst always remaining calm. Let’s hope she gets Ron to say ‘leviosa’ correctly! Get the rest of your family involved by dressing them as other characters from the story.


kids hermione robe kit


Queen Elsa

Disney’s hit movie, Frozen arrived on our screens a few years ago now and we were then treat to Frozen II not so long ago. If you’re little girl is still singing the popular song and parading around the house as an ice queen, then this is the ideal girls Halloween costume for her. It’s a wonderful story about true sisterhood and friendship. Even though it’s not a typical Halloween costume, your girl may want to dress as something a bit more girlie – after all, she’ll look grandeur and royal in our dress. Why not team up with a friend or sibling and go trick or treating and Elsa and Anna, or Elsa and Olaf?

kids disney elsa frozen 2 travelling costume


The last costume on our list is from Disney’s classic, Moana. A tale of a young girl who goes on a mission to save the people, Moana shows true bravery, strength and determination. It gives children someone to aspire to be like! If your girl loves Moana and likes to help others, then she’ll look just the part as this Polynesian princess. She better watch out for those sea creatures along the way though!

kids disney moana vaiana plus costume

So, there you have it, inspiration on the best girls Halloween costume ideas! We hope you enjoyed and found it useful. We update our ideas guide every year to add new costume ideas based on the latest trends, films and characters that kids love. If you didn’t manage to find a costume for your little one, then you can check out the rest of our girls costumes here😊 Happy Halloween!

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