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The time has finally arrived to pick out your 2021 Halloween outfit and look and feel your best at the party! Pumpkin #Squashgoals all round. Grab your girl squad and pick out an outfit that rivals all of the previous years! Luckily for you, we’ve handpicked some of the best women’s Halloween costume ideas that ever existed.

They’re based on both classic themes such as witches, Day of the Dead and zombies, but also TV and movie characters, or trending themes in 2021. Check out our top women’s Halloween fancy dress ideas below and get ready for the occasion!


The Shining Twin

We’re starting off our list of women’s Halloween costume ideas with two of the scariest twins of all time; The Shining Twin sisters! One’s creepy enough, but two is just terrifying! You never know what you might find behind door number 237 this Halloween. It’s a classic costume from the 80’s hit movie, The Shining. If you’re lucky enough to have a twin sister to rock this look, then you’re in for treat.

The Shining Twin Costume


Day of the Dead

It’s time to celebrate one of the most historic events of the year. The Day of Dead oozes in colour and all things floral. What better way than to come together with your friends to celebrate our deceased ancestors. Day of the Dead is Mexico’s annual tradition and it has now become a trending Halloween idea. You’ll be sure to rattle some bones on the dance floor, whilst looking very ladylike at the same time.

 Womens Day of The Dead Dress Costume


Cousin Itt

Halloween doesn’t always need to be so frightening, so why not mix it up a bit and go as Cousin Itt from the 90s classic movie, The Addams family? No-one will ever know your true identity as your face is completely masked under all that hair! Girls will be ‘mega jel’ of your hair at your next Halloween night out, so be warned! No wonder it’s one of our best selling women’s Halloween costumes!

Deluxe Cousin Itt Costume


Wednesday Addams

Continuing with the theme of creepy, another one of our favourite ladies Halloween costume ideas is Wednesday Addams. She is the slight spooky, maniac daughter of Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. She only wears the colour black and always has her hair in two tight braids. Of course, you don’t need to be as sullen and gothic as Wednesday. You can add a spin on this Halloween look with a pair of stockings and heels.

 Womens Wednesday Addams Costume

Harley Quinn

New out of the Arkham Asylum is Harley Quinn. She’s sexy, she’s clever and a little bit crazy. She’ll bring a great deal of sex appeal to your next Halloween party! If you’re a single lady and fancy going to the party alone (who needs a Joker anyway?) then no need to worry, as you’ll be the star of the show! Her red and blue sequinned outfit is bold and bright, just like her personality. Loosen up and let the good times roll!

Womens Harley Quinn Costume 


Twisted Clown

Can you walk along the tight rope? Can you do acrobatics? Hmm, we thought not, but fear not; you don’t have to have mad skills to become a clown! Clowns are hugely popular characters to dress up as for Halloween, but they don’t always necessarily have to be scary. It’s time to ditch those scary masks and horrifying face paint for a girly and slightly cuter clown (if that even exists?!) You’ll be the sweetest clown known to man in this Twisted Clown costume this Halloween!

Womens Twisted Clown Halloween Costume

Miss Scissorhands

Move over Edward Scissorhands, as it’s all about the female version, Miss Scissorhands! Womens Halloween costumes are all about looking your best and finding the best cutting-edge outfit out there! Based on the 90’s film, Edward Scissorhands, you’ll rock up to your next Halloween party looking smoking hot. Afterall, who says Halloween always needs to be scary?

Womens Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume 

Fallen Angel

‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’ Angels are known to be sweet and innocent. They can do no wrong! How about adding a spin on it for Halloween with a slightly darker twist? Combine both naughty and nice and you’ll get the Fallen Angel costume. Say bye bye to the traditional white angel and hello to the dark angel that has a sultrier side. If you’ve been waiting to reveal a side of you that nobody’s ever seen, then now is your chance!

 Womens Fallen Angel Halloween Costume

Nightmare Sally

Tim Burton is bringing back all of the classic movies in this blog and we can’t forget classic, ‘A nightmare before Christmas.’ Just because it’s an animated movie, doesn’t mean that it’s just for kids! If you’re a single lady and looking for love at your next Halloween party, then you’ll need to get stitching so you can get the attention of Jack Skellington! If you’re already coupled up, then get your partner dressed up as him too!

 Adult Sally Halloween Costume

Wicked Witches

‘Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble. Cool it with a baboon's blood, Then the charm is firm and good.’

Witches are pretty scary and can be pretty ugly, too (but not our witches!) They make a great women’s Halloween costume idea! Featured in films such as Hocus Pocus and The Witches to the hit television series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, everyone has a favourite witch that they can aspire to be for Halloween. It’s time to grab your broom, your cauldron and maybe even your cat. Fly to your Halloween party and cast a few spells!


Womens Halloween costume ideas - Witches





It’s time to show off your curves and practice your best ‘meow’ as you turn up to your Halloween party as a sexy Catwoman! If you’re not looking for the scare-factor for Halloween, but rather the sexy-factor, then you’re looking in the right place! You’ll be having the men puuuuring at the party once they catch the sight of you. She’s Gotham City’s most cunning characters and the outfit is perfectly paired with Batman, The Joker or Harley Quinn if you want to dress up with friends.

Womens Black Catsuit


Cher and Dionne

‘Ugh as if!’

We’re throwing it back to the 90s with the all-time favourite movie, Clueless! Popularity takes its toll on Cher as she begins to fall in love alongside her bessie, Dionne. They’re known for their checked-print blazers and skirts that make them stand out amongst the rest of their classmates. Whether you choose yellow or black, Cher and Dionne make a great choice for a women’s costume idea. This one’s perfect for a friendly duo or two sisters.



It’s time to move over Superman, and say hello to the strong, independent woman that is Supergirl! You can show off your long list of superpowers, from your x-ray vision to powers of flight. Show everyone who’s boss! Superheroes have long been a favourite choice on All Hallows Eve and Supergirl is perfect for females of all ages.

 Adult Supergirl Super Hero Costume

Mrs Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is horror movie legend that appeared in spine-tingling film, Friday the 13th. He’s the main protagonist who plays a deadly serial killer and haunts Campy Crystal Lake. He slaughters anyone who harms the grave of his mother. Whilst Jason is a man, you can mix it up for your next Halloween party as female version, Mrs Jason Voorhees. She’s slightly less scary, and dare we say it, sexy! Not bad for a serial killer…

Friday the 13th Miss Jason Voorhees Costume 


Handsmaid Tail

Based on the 1985 novel, Handsmaid Tail is a gripping US television series that’s popular on Amazon Prime. Look like the infamous Serena Joy Waterford in our blue and teal coloured costume. It’s a women’s Halloween fancy dress idea that others won’t think of and there’ll be no doubt as to who you are. The series is insanely popular!

The Handmaids Tale Mrs Waterford Costume 


Dolls are generally sweet and keep their mouths shut when you play with them… but not the Chucky doll! Based on the 1988 film Childs Play, Chucky becomes a serial murderer once his owner buries his soul into his doll. Little does Andy’s mum know, the new toy she bought for her son will wreak havoc on their family! Chucky haunts Andy’s household and just always wants to play. You can transform into the female version of Chucky in a cute dungaree style dress. We hope you have lots of energy, as its always playtime! Muahahaha!

Womens Chucky Costume


Spiritless cheerleader

What better way than to cheer on your schools’ sports team than as a cheerleader! It’s not your ordinary cheerleader though, it’s one that’s emerged from her grave and is now a creature of the living dead. If you’re stuck for a women’s Halloween costume idea, then our Spiritless Cheerleader Costume is a perfect combination of cute and scary. All you need to do is practice your make-up skills for a rotten-flesh look. Give me a Z…give me an O…

 Spiritless Cheerleader Fancy Dress Costume


Ruling your very own kingdom takes a lot of work, but it fuels the fire when the person you once loved betrayed you, and stole your fairy wings! Based on the Disney film, Maleficent is a spin off from the classic Sleeping Beauty. Unlike the Evil queen from Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is forced to be bad due to the pain she went through, but then later realises that isn’t her style. Transform yourself into the queen of the fairies for an October 31st party. No-one messes with Maleficent…

Adult Evil Sorceress Costume

A Pretty Pirate

All aboard me hearties!

Pirates have always been a top choice for Halloween, with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow adding a new take to a life of pillaging and seafaring. Pirate outfits come in all shapes and sizes, from dark and deathly to cute and courageous. Which will you choose? Here are some of our favourites…

 Pirate Girl Halloween Costume 

So there you have it, our list of the best women’s Halloween costume ideas for 2021! We hope some of our ideas inspired you for an October make-over and you’ll all set for the party. Accessories and make-up add the finishing touches to any costume you wear! If you couldn’t find anything up your street, then be sure to check out our full wardrobe of women’s Halloween costumes in our shop area here.

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