Group fancy dress is popular, and it’s a hilarious way to express your wild side and get everyone in the partying mood. If you’re itching for trio costumes or ones for large groups, you’ll find some truly amazing designs that’ll get you, even more, hyped up for the shindig. You can also expect to find some funny group costumes for a night of light-hearted humour or some famous groups of 4, such as our ‘60s Beatles to give the partygoers some VIP company. Why not brighten up the dance floor as colourful Crayon Girls for the hen party?

Our Inflatable Willies will be a hilariously gobsmacking experience for a stag night while our Morris Dancers are a great pop-up at any festival. If you’re looking to be everyone’s nightmares, why not become the Serial Slashers for Halloween? These Halloween Sequin Dresses aren’t scary but they’re guaranteed to have all the bloodsuckers thirsty for you. No matter the occasion, get the party started and find the best group fancy dress costume to kit out your squad!