The Flintstones Costumes

Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Welcome to the stone-age town of Bedrock - you know, the home of the famous Flintstones. Presenting some of the 60s best-known cartoon characters, our Flintstones Costumes will evoke amazing memories for those who grew up following the adventures of these lovable characters. For couples, our Fred and Wilma Flintstone Outfits will be a husband-and-wife costume classic, and for the other pair of lovebirds, a Betty Rubble costume and Barney Rubble wig will make you and your friends the ultimate caveman club. Become the stout caveman in our Fred Flintstone costumes and expect to find the iconic orange robe with black spots, a Fred Flintstone Wig, and large, flat foot covers. As for our Wilma Flintstone costumes, the white dress, pearl necklace, and swirly orange wig will turn you into this beautiful cavewoman. If you really want a realistic cartoon look, check out this foam Wilma Flintstone wig and outfit to make you look like a walking animation. We can’t forget our Pebbles Flintstone costume too, perfect to complete Flintstones outfits for the family. Our adult Flintstones costumes are a great option for Halloween and TV and film costume parties. To have a rocking time stone-age-style, order your Flintstones fancy dress costume before ditching your smartphone!