Kids World Book Day Costumes

For its twenty-second birthday, World Book Day is coming back and ready to give the kiddies another awesome celebration. We bet your son or daughter can’t wait to cast spells, fall down the rabbit hole, and fly around Neverland all day. And what better way to make it come true than dressed up in our Kid’s World Book Day costumes. We have a magnificent range of  World Book Day costumes for babies, toddlers, and older children, and you can expect to find anything from Harry Potter and Peter Pan to Matilda and Cinderella. And to top it all off, our costumes include a mixture of thrilling onesies, robes, wigs, and masks that’ll have everyone struggling to tell the difference between your little one and the real character! We offer the convenience of having a recognisable children’s costume for World Book Day delivered right to your door, rather than worrying about the hassle of making your own the night before. At Jokers’ Masquerade, there’s no limit to what, where, or who your kid can be! Get digging through our storeys of children’s World Book Day costumes and let them be the best illustration their dream character has ever been.