Fancy Dress Beginning With 'U'

If you've been invited to an alphabet fancy dress party where you have to dress as someone or something beginning with the letter 'U', you've definitely been given a challenge! There aren't many movies, characters, themes or even objects beginning with this letter so you'll have to spark your creativity. We're here to help and have assembled some excellent letter 'U' costumes to inspire you and have you looking your best at the party. The greatest thing about alphabet parties is deciding on a costume and trying to beat your friends for the most unique idea! The go-to character for letter U fancy dress has to be Uncle Fester from the Addams Family movie series. This creepy but cool costume will be instantly recognisable! For ladies, how about dressing as Uhura from Star Trek with this authentic Star Trek Outfit? If it's a family event and you want to get the kid's involved, look no further than a magical Child's Unicorn Costume. To open to the options for the letter U theme, 'uniforms' is a great interpretation. Dress in doctors uniforms, fireman, military, police, pilot, cabin crew and other other uniform options for a profession you'd like to portray. Check out all of our uniform fancy dress here. Find our hand-selected fancy dress beginning with the letter U on and get party-ready with us!