Sexy Costumes & Fancy Dress

Welcome to our flirtatious collection of sexy costumes for men and women. Choose from a variety of themed sexy fancy dress, from lifeguards and naughty nurses, to cowboys, firemen and superheroes. Each of our sexy outfits are designed to make you feel great and look your best, ready for a night out or themed fancy dress party. Whether you're attending a student night out, Halloween party or just want to impress your partner, we have something for you! For ladies, how about adopting the classic Britney school girl look with our Playboy Student Costume? There's also the alluring Female Police Outfit or Naughty Nurse costume, which will have you looking semi-professional in uniform. For men, how about an open-jacket Fireman costume or French Sailor Outfit? Or if you're really brave, we have a variety of colourful Mankini's that barely cover anything! Whatever sexy outfit you decide on, you'll have fun both picking it out and wearing it, and you can use it time and time again.