Vampire Costumes

Do vampires exist? They do at Jokers' Masquerade! We have a bloodsucking gang of Vampire Costumes waiting to pounce and bite this Halloween. From Victorian to modern styles inspired by Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, our kids, mens and womens Vampire Halloween Costumes have everything your bloodthirsty mind could think of. Both our slaying women's vampire costumes and killer men's vampire outfits have sexy, dapper, and gruesome styles, it just all depends on what type of bloodsucker look you’re going for when feasting on the innocent. Top trends for ladies include the Vampire Queen Dress and Gothic Manor Vampire, while our Count Bloodthirst, Dracula, and Cool Vampire fancy dress outfits are year on year favourites for the men. Our sassy Dracula wigs are never left out to the blood-drinking occasion either, featuring a long gothic wig and our fiery Seductress Wig that’ll look sexy and dark with Black Lipstick, and a Love at First Bite Wig for the guys daring to go as Twilight’s Edward. Take a look at our vampire outfits for kids - girls will love the beautiful, flowing dresses and boys the powerful high-collared capes. After you’ve discovered your favourite vamp look, just get your Cane, bloodless face, fierce fangs, and precious blood - after all, vampires can’t survive Halloween without the latter! Sink your teeth into your most desired vampire costume for Halloween before sunlight!