Mens Ninja Sanitary Towel Costume

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Size: One Size
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The Mens Ninja Sanitary Towel Costume is a hilarious outfit that's not for the faint-hearted!

If you feel like it’s time for a change, wear this all-white over-the-head bodysuit featuring red blood stains to look like a dirty period pad.

Although this extremely rude costume might cause some offense, it’ll certainly do down in history for the brave one willing to wear this as a stag costume.

Better yet, you don’t have to be a demon or serial killer this Halloween, as this novelty costume will cause more than enough horror this season.

Show off your best moves at the party as you wave the bloody tampon nunchucks around.

Sizes for this costume are:

One Size:
Men's Sizing: Chest Size to 42"
Women's Sizing: Dress Size: 16 to 18

Includes: Bodysuit, Nunchucks

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Allan T
Talking point

Great costume, will get some shocked looks, very funny. The service was fantastic too.

Great outfit

Great outfit although snug if you are bigger than a size 12 (female). Also, it was ankle length on me and I am 5ft 7". The head tie isn't attached so I didn't bother with that. The sleeve holes were VERY tight so I had to snip down the seam to make it more comfortable but this was not a problem and didn't make the seam come apart further down. Overall, a great costume which had the desired "disgusted" effect :-)


Perfect for our rather disgusting stag

Nicky O
Great costume for a Butlins Halloween weekend

I went to Butlins in Minehead a couple of weekends back for Halloween and what a scummy weekend it was. This sanitary pad was perfect for such a bloody fantastic weekend. I felt like a world wide celebrity with the amount of pictures I had surprisingly with hot girls but one of the best parts was when I bumped into my other mate on the dance floor from Swansea who was dressed as a Golliwog. The amount of people laughing at us was astonishing but some old 50 year old lady came up to us and shouted we are the 2 most inappropriate pair of people in the whole of Butlins which I thought was hilarious. When I left one of the clubs in Butlins one bouncer decided to be a total steroid idiot and would not let me into another night club in Butlins (Jumping jacks). Shouting at his face that he was a joke was very amusing seeing as I was dressed as a used sanitary pad with ninja nun chucks. I was very confused at the fact that Osama Bin Laden and a Golliwog and a giant penis were dancing in the background in jumping jacks and asked the bouncer why were they aloud in when I wasn't. His reply was that I was "Offensive" WTF!!!??? Be careful with some clubs as they can turn you away for being "Offensive" even though I said I was classed as an luxury item now by the government. All in all a very good costume and 100% recommend it.

ross f
Sanitary towel

Had the party on there knees with laughter and amazement. Really made a big impact. Very warm costume, be advised to wear just shorts underneath. Great costume.

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