Harry Potter Wand Accessory

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Show off your spellcasting skills with this awesome Harry Potter Wand Accessory. 

Although Harry's wand is made out of holly and phoenix feathers, we think this wand is a very credible replica of the one belonging to the world-famous wizard.

This Harry Potter accessory is brown and 14" long with a wood-effect design, and will complement a Harry Potter costume or wizard fancy dress outfit.

With your magic wand, practice these fascinating Harry Potter spells: Expecto Patronum, Expelliarmus, and Repairo!

Includes: Wand

Customer Reviews

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Michael R
Great for a fiver!

Light weight, definitely 'cheap', but at the same time it's 5 euro. I highly recommend this wand as part of a Halloween costume.

Frank C
Grandads Wand

Sounds silly I know but the wand is actually for me as we have bought my granddaughter the lovely cloak from you {see my review of that}. We also bought her a wand that lights up at the end when she cast her spells so as this was on offer from you I bought it as I know that at Christmas she will want to play "Harry Potter" with grandad and I thought as I always end up being everyone from Hagrid to the Dark Lord himself, I may as well have a wand too which will really please her LOL

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