Plus Size Costumes

At Joke, we believe that fancy dress should be about fun and enjoyment for everyone, not limited to shape and size. So, we have come up with a wardrobe of awesome plus size fancy-dress outfits to make you feel confident and look awesome for every occasion. For the full-figured woman looking to feel on top of the world, choose something like our Wonder Woman or Spellcaster Witch costume for Halloween, World Book Day or Comic-Con. As for the broad man wanting to dress up for similar occasions, play a big part as The Joker or Evil Jester, or look cool in our '80s Shell Suit for an ‘80s costume party. Our plus size outfits are well-fitted and roomy, and you don’t have to show off more than you’re comfortable with. Now that you have no excuses, embrace your figure and pick your ideal costume.

Once you’ve discovered your plus size favourite, browse our Fancy Dress Accessories to jazz up your outfit.