Skeleton Costumes & Skeleton Fancy Dress

Shake those bones and hips at the Halloween party dressed as a spooky skeleton. Skeleton's have long been associated with the underworld and everything scary, from horror movies to legendary tales of the un-dead in stories, books and TV series. Find the perfect look to impress with our wide array of women's, men's and kids skeleton fancy dress costumes. It can be a quick and easy outfit idea with a Skeleton Onesie, or a stand-out spectacle with our Voodoo style Sophisticated Skeleton Outfit - a mens skeleton costume that will turn plenty of skull's. Ladies will love the seductive skeleton appearance of this Fever Skeleton Outfit or the beautiful but creepy Women's Bridal Bones Dress, inspired by Mexico's Day of the Dead. Other ladies skeleton costumes include luminous bone jumpsuits, sugar skull cats and skeleton dresses. For kids, we have a variety of skeleton dresses for girls, which look great with a tutu, and skeleton Onesie suits for boys of all ages. We have something for every age, size and bone density! If you prefer some skeleton fancy dress DIY, we also have a large selection of 'boney' accessories you can put together! Find all of your Halloween essentials here at!