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Welcome to the most sought-after festive costume ideas guide you’ll ever find! ‘Tis the season to be jolly’, and what better way to celebrate, than wearing a Christmas outfit? We’re not talking about Christmas jumpers that everyone wears to the office in December, or a pair of reindeer antlers, even if they are pretty cute. We’re talking about gigantic Christmas bauble costumes, succulent roast turkeys and naughty little elves that have escaped from Lapland! Get the whole family involved as you gather around the table for a delicious Christmas dinner in your fantastic Christmas costume. Continue reading on for our ultimate Christmas costume ideas guide for adults and kids. 😊


Adult Christmas Cracker

We’re starting off our ultimate list of the best Christmas costume ideas with an absolute cracker…get it? You can’t really call it a Christmas dinner without pulling a cracker before or after you eat, can you? Are you fed up with finding prizes like a dice, bottle opener or even a yo-yo inside the cracker? Splash out a bit this year and become the most sophisticated cracker of all…hopefully the kids won’t try to pull you apart!

Red Christmas Cracker Costume


Womens Classic Miss Santa

Is Christmas really Christmas if we don’t dress up as Santa Claus? Well, if it’s not the man himself, then his best friend and little helper Miss Santa is here to spread the festive cheer. It’ll be much easier for her to slide down the chimney, as fewer mince pies will be consumed! You can even get your hubby or boyfriend involved and become the ultimate festive duo, Mr and Mrs Claus.

 Womens Classic Miss Santa Claus Costume

Kids Gingerbread Man

Who doesn’t love a good bit of homemade gingerbread on Christmas day? It’s moist, it’s sweet and full of gingery goodness! Families love to decorate their own gingerbread houses with the kids, as they go overboard with all that icing sugar and sweets! Your little one will be bouncing off the walls after consuming lots of gingerbread men this Christmas, that’s for sure. This is a Christmas costume idea that any little one will adore.

Kids Gingerbread Man Costume 

Adult New York Elf

The next outfit on our Christmas costume ideas guide is for those who love to help and are willing to work extremely hard during the lead up to Christmas. Father Christmas may be the one delivering the presents on Christmas eve, but we can’t forget about the little guys helping him out, especially one elf in particular. We all know him from the iconic Christmas movie Elf. He loves to splat all things sweet on his breakfast, no matter what it is. You can surprise your family on Christmas day as Buddy…but we think they’ll pass on the overly sweet breakfasts…

Adult New York Elf Costume 

Adult Christmas Turkey

Apologies in advance to any veggies or vegans out there, but the main reason why we all get so excited for our Christmas dinners is because of the crispy skinned fellow, aka Mr Turkey. Stuff him with some delicious sage and onion stuffing and finish it off by drizzling some gravy on top. Don’t worry if you haven’t got enough to go around the table, as you’ll have your very own walking turkey that looks extremely life-like! Delicious!

Adult Roast Turkey Costume

Kids Olaf Costume

This Christmas costume idea is one that all kids will recognise. It’s no other than Princess Anna’s best friend, and right-hand man, Olaf. He’s full of character and loved by all. Fancy building your own snowman this Winter? Boys and girls that are a fan of Disney’s Frozen will jump at the chance to dress as Olaf.

kids deluxe olaf frozen costume

Festive Beer Costume

If you want an excuse to drink until you get merry, then there’s no better time to do it than on Christmas! Whether you’re celebrating with friends or with family, we’re sure they’ll be more than happy to ‘cheers’ over an ice-cold brew. Let’s just hope Santa doesn’t go overboard, especially when he’s got all those presents to deliver! This is a Christmas costume idea that’s perfect for work Christmas parties or nights out on the town.

adult unisex pint of beer costume

Baby Santa Little Helper

Your little one has grown up a lot this Christmas and has learnt the importance of being kind and helping Santa. Therefore, it’s time for your bundle of joy to swap their dummy and blanket for the ultimate work station in Lapland. Here they’ll wrap all the Christmas presents for the good kids and tie pretty little bows to go on top of the presents. What a proud parent they’ll make you! This is our number one baby Christmas costume idea year after year – it doesn’t get old!

Baby Santas Helper Costume 

Adult Christmas Pudding

The next costume in our Christmas ideas guide for kids and adults is the somewhat slightly controversial, Christmas pud. It’s a hit with the slightly older folk, but not so much the little ones… Sometimes raisins just aren’t your thing… Either way, this rich and indulgent pudding is bought by millions of households every year, even if it is a bit like marmite. If you fancy causing a stir between chocolate cake vs the Christmas pud, then this is the costume for you.

Adult Christmas Pudding CostumeLil Baby Penguin

What’s cuter than a baby penguin? Your little baby dressing up as a lil baby penguin! Penguins are incredibly friendly creatures that simply love to glide on the ice on their stomachs all day, and love a bit of fresh salmon. You’ll have a little visitor from The Antarctic this Christmas, in the form of your little baby Pingu.

Baby Penguin CostumeKids Gold Star Christmas Costume

The most fun task of dressing a Christmas tree is hanging up the decorations – the lights are the worst part! Once you’ve hung up all your baubles and ribbons, the lucky one will get to put the golden star on the top of the tree. Your child might need a leg up to reach the top! They’ll be the star of the show, especially a Christmas school play, in this fun and festive star outfit.

Kids Gold Star Christmas Costume 

Winter Wonderland Teen Opposuit

The next Christmas costume idea on our list is for the teens out there! Your boy may be at the awkward age of not really wanting to dress up as Olaf or an elf, and can be a little bit of a Grinch from time to time. Have him feeling like a boss and maybe a bit of a stud in a ‘Christmas-ified’ suit. He’ll be suited and booted ready for a Christmas dinner and a boogie!

Winter Wonderland Teen Opposuit 

Christmas Bauble

Sorry Mr Tinsel, but you’re so overrated and no one really likes you anymore. We all love to decorate our Christmas trees with beautiful baubles. Whether you’re opting for the more traditional red and green colours, or fancy spicing it up with some gold and silver, everyone has their favourite theme. Baubles come in various different shapes and sizes, but none beat this gigantic one! It’s a Christmas costume idea that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

Adult Christmas Bauble Costume 

Kids Unisex Elf

If you thought you were a little bit cheeky and mischievous, then you thought wrong! No one’s as cheeky as an Elf. They might seem sweet and innocent at first glance, wanting to help Santa on Christmas eve, but it’s not always the case. They might like to work hard, but they like to play even harder and sneak a few candy canes in their pocket… If you child is a fan of Elf on the Shelf, they too can become a cheeky elf.

Kids Unisex Elf Christmas Costume 

Womens Sexy Snowman Costume

Do you wanna build a snowman? Slightly different from Disney’s ice-cold character that everyone loves, Olaf has made snowmen increasingly popular over the years and makes a great character to dress as for Christmas. But wait, there’s a new girl in town and she’s smokin’ hot too! There’s no melting this one away in the sun…she’s for keeps!

adult miss snowman costume

Kids Guardian Angel Costume

We’re nearly at the end of our list of our top Christmas costume ideas, but before we finish, we can’t forget about the angelic and innocent figure that sits on top of our Christmas tree, gracing us with purity and calmness during the festive season. Girls love to dress up as angels, especially if they’ve been chosen to be a special angel in the school play. Watch them as they run around the living room on Christmas day, spreading their wings as they fly high in the sky.

Kids Guardian Angel Costume 

Mens Christmaster Opposuit Costume

The final costume on our ultimate Christmas guide for kids and adults has to be another Opposuit. It’s time to move over Christmas jumper, as there’s a new guy in town! It might be a bit tight fitting after a big Christmas lunch and those few mince pies though! This is a festive outfit for the guys that’ll have you looking smart at any Christmas event you attend.

Mens Christmaster Opposuit Costume 

We’ve finally made it through the list of our favourite costumes for adults and kids. We hope you found some inspiration for your next Christmas party, or just simply something to wear over some delicious turkey and golden roasted spuds! If you weren’t able to find anything to your liking, you can check out our full range of Christmas costumes here. Merry Christmas Everyone! 😊

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