Spider Neck Tattoo FX

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Why not look creepily cool this Halloween with our artistic Spider Neck Tattoo FX?

Whether you’re a tattoo fanatic or a spider-lover, look the part without the needle by wearing this fake tattoo for a badass gothic style.

Apply this body art accessory with water, and voila, you’ll look inked-up in seconds.

It’s long-lasting and provides a hyperrealistic look that’ll have everyone unable to tell any difference.

You can even wear this tattoo for a hardcore convict look or a vampire with 21st-century swag!

How to apply:
1. Skin must be free of makeup or oils
2. Gently cut the packaging open, peel the transfer off the backing paper, flip it over on sticky side down and press the transfer back onto the transfer paper.
3. Cut around the FX transfer leaving around 1cm from the transfer edge.
4. Peel the plastic off and place onto dry skin with the FX face down on your skin
6. Push wet cloth onto the back of the FX until wet through
7. Hold in place for 30 seconds, gently peel off the paper backing – and you're done!

How to remove:
Fully saturate tattoos with baby oil or household rubbing alcohol and wipe with a cotton pad to easily remove.

Includes: One Transfer

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